Saturday, March 26, 2005

My first Post......

Hi, this is my first post and i really dunno what to talk about right now but i promise next time will be something related to my original intention in creating my Blog. I'm using this post as an introduction so i think it's better to start by saying that maybe i won't post very frequently, mostly because i'm a bit lazy...... and also because i'll have to think very well about the things i write to post. I know that by saying this i may not be gathering a legion of fans!!! but i hope that everyone interested in hearing a opinion and discuss it, may be interested in reading my "publications". I'm a huge fan of music (almost every types) so i think i'll also post the name of some musics that are "wandering" in my head.....One more thing I'll try to post texts in English (just because it is the "Universal Language"(Even the Aliens in Movies can talk English!!!)) but probably some posts may be in my beloved language (Portugues) so if somebody is interested in a translation i will gladly do it.............See ya next time and Obrigado
Amigo DayDreamer... :)
Criei um link para o teu blog.
Ah... e pus lá um post para ti. :)
...fantástico!..e eu que já sou dreamer...almost all day...
Um sorriso ...e um beijinho grande!
Não precisas de sorte,daquela a que chamam dezoito anos,de signo gémeos e com sonhos...
Vim ver ...pelo nick...gostei do post,escrevas quando escreveres...a perguiça fermenta...vou voltar,leio quando escreveres.
Nunca tinha assistido ao nascer de um blog...também é emocionante.
Obrigado pelo apoio, quase que ainda nao comecei e ja tenho pessoas a incentivar-me.....Obrigado
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